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CBEA gives out awards frequently to those who are worthy of recognition. Below are the awards that the California Business Educators Association presents and what each award entitles the recipient. Each award nomination form can be downloaded as a PDF document.

Award Categories

Outstanding Service Award (PDF - 60KB)

The CBEA Award for Outstanding Service is CBEA’s highest professional award. The award is presented to a person or organization that has served and contributed to CBEA and business education in California through state leadership, service, research, and/or writings.  It was first awarded in 1959. State leadership may, but does not necessarily mean service on the State Board of Directors. The individual nominated must not be currently serving as an elected corporate officer.
Both a nomination statement and application form must be submitted for consideration.

Honorary State Life Membership Award (PDF - 54.1KB)

An Honorary State Life Membership may be awarded to a retiring or retired individual who has made such a significant contribution to the advancement of business education in California that his/her selection for the state honorary life membership receives the approval of the CBEA State Board of Directors. An individual awarded the CBEA Honorary Life Membership receives full membership privileges without payment of dues. No more than two Honorary State Life Memberships may be awarded in any one membership year.
Specific criteria must be met and nomination application needs to be submitted.

Outstanding Business Educator (PDF - 11.5KB)

Each year no more than four CBEA members may be recognized for outstanding performance in the classroom. One recipient from each level may be recognized. Applicants or their representative(s) should complete the nomination form and submit it to the Service Recognition Chair by the deadline established by the Board of Directors. Recipients must currently be teaching at the level recognized. The four levels shall be:

  • Elementary/Middle School (includes junior high school)
  • High School-may be a 3- or 4-year high school
  • Post Secondary-includes community colleges, vocational, and adult schools
  • University-includes all 4-year colleges and universities

This award is to be presented to someone who has done significant work in the classroom in the form of innovative teaching, program development, business education promotion, and/or student organizations.
An application form and three letters of recommendation are required for consideration.

Outstanding New Member Award (PDF - 13.7KB)

The recipient must be a new member of CBEA, currently teaching business at the level for which he/she is being nominated. The recipient’s contributions may have been made over an extended period of time, but the major impact must have occurred within three years prior to the nomination. Nominations may be made by any CBEA member.
A nomination data form must be submitted for consideration.

Outstanding Legislator/Legislative Effort Award

First awarded in 1985, the CBEA Outstanding Legislator’s Award is made to an individual legislator or individual who has made significant contributions to effect legislative change on behalf of business and vocational education.
A nomination letter is required.

100% Department Membership

Any school department having 100% of full-time employees as CBEA members may apply for this award.

President's Award

The President’s Award was first awarded in 1981.  The CBEA State President selects an individual who has shown dedication and service to the California Business Education Association and its activities.

CBEA Certificates of Recognition (PDF 7.11KB)

Certificates may be requested at any time. They may be presented to a school, a business, or an individual. Certificates may be used to recognize time, effort, money, or support to CBEA activities or school programs.

How to Become/Nominate an Awardee

Detailed information on how to become a recipient of or make a nomination for any of the above awards is available on request from Susan White, CBEA Office Manager, or call the CBEA Office at 925.295.1104 for more information.

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