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CBEA History

historyTitleIt was in the year between 1926-1927 that Louis B. Davy brought the Statewide sections of the Teachers Association together into what would later become the California Business Education Association. The CBEA has a long and proud history of helping students from all walks of life and education find their niche in business, while giving them the practical experience needed to succeed in the real business world. For instance, during the depression, many post graduate business courses were created to meet the needs of the unemployed youth. This spurred the junior colleges to enlarge the business offerings to provide training for the potential workers. In the World War II years, the CBEA interacted with many government and miliary agencies to help focus students on jobs that would assist in winning the war and that would also eventually provide jobs after the war.
Through the years, the CBEA has promoted strong common sense in the area of business and have assisted many students reach their goals of becoming successful business men and women as they shape the Nation and even the World.

To read about the history of CBEA, download the History of the CBEA (PDF 1.6MB)

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