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About Us

Welcome to California Business Education Association's Website. CBEA is the leading association of education and business professionals sharing a powerful vision-California's leaders linking education and industry to build the 21st century workforce.

Who are California's Leaders? California's leaders are people like you who are dedicated, passionate, fair, professional, positive, and student-centered. These leaders serve as role models for students helping them receive a quality education as well as workplace skills. These individual leaders love being involved in business education at all levels. They take leadership on the issues that are important to educators and business professionals by telling administrators and legislators. These are also members of the community from small and large businesses, local school boards, city and county offices, Chamber of Commerce, nonprofit organizations, professional organizations, associations, and clubs.

How are we linking education and industry? CBEA links education and industry by providing relevant learning experiences to educators and businesses. We are committed to developing and strengthening workplace competencies in students through training, workshops, and conferences for our teachers. We recognize mentoring opportunities for business educators and students. We partner with local and statewide advisory committees. We support and sponsor student activities such as the Stock Market Game and the Virtual Enterprise program. Some of our officers and members can be guest speakers for television and radio, can participate in trade shows, can write columns in industry journals, and can reward local and state educators and industry partners. We encourage participation from industry in contests as judges. Businesses can provide opportunities for internships for students and externships for educators. Educators can involve businesses in the classroom. One goal is to provide webinars online to attract participation of educators and industry.

How do we build the 21st century workforce? Many of our students will be employed in careers that relate directly to the social media they are now using. Therefore, we must prepare them to face a rapidly changing work environment that requires skills in technology, communication, and problem solving. We must prepare them for success in the global workplace by providing educators with the training opportunities for the 21st century worker. All of you are preparing students in your business courses by engaging them and challenging them to become self-directed, independent learners. You also prepare students to attain industry-recognized credentials. Let's share with each other what is working in the classroom or in industry to build the 21st century workforce to be globally competitive in an ever-changing world.

As business educators we must respond to the needs of the students we teach. When we respond to them, we also respond to employers' needs. Your membership in CBEA will help influence the direction of education for and about business. You will associate with leaders in business and education through networking opportunities.

CBEA maintains a strong presence among state officials and legislators who set education policy. Throughout the year we will encourage your participation in webinars, responding to legislative issues, and recognizing accomplishments and contributions of business students, business educators, business organizations, administrators, and legislators.

Joining CBEA demonstrates that you are a CALIFORNIA Leader. Help us BUILD the 21st century workforce by ENCOURAGING one person to ACT today and join CBEA.

Plan today to attend and bring a friend-to our annual CBEA State Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Monterey, California, November 14-16!

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