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Past Events


CBEA returns to Monterey!

November 14-16, 2014

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Monterey, California

Conference Program


Keynote Speakers (Notes/Handouts)

Hands-on Computer Workshops (Handouts)

Breakout Sessions (Notes/Handouts)

  • Introduction to the 2014 CBEA State Conference
  • The Benefits of Collaboration For All Stakeholders
  • Be the Assistant Every Executive Manager Needs
  • Succession Planning: The Evolution of a Family Business
  • Using Twitter for Informal Learning
  • Financial Literacy and Income Tax--Understanding Your Role
  • Social Collaboration Tools for Internal Communication
  • Meet Your Deputy Sector Navigator
  • Building Effective and Lasting Industry Partnerships
  • The Power of Youth Entrepreneurship Education
  • Hey, Manager/Administrator! There's an App for That!
  • Integrating a Global Perspective into the Business Curriculum
  • Developing Business Partnerships and SELLING Your Program
  • Incorporating Emotional Intelligence into the Traditional Business Curriculum
  • How a Tablet Can Make You a More Effective Teacher BYOD
  • Tales from the Trenches-A step by Step Approach to Building a Strong FBLA Chapter
  • Is Your Idea a Business? 2 Minutes to Pitch!
  • Turning Risk into Success: A Teen Entrepreneurship Program
  • Augmenting Reality in Your Classroom BYOD
  • The Power of the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Chair the Fed: An Online Game to Teach Monetary Policy
  • Visual Literacy: The Silver Bullet for Common Core
  • Student Engagement--The Flipped Classroom
  • Teaching and Serving Students of Hidden Diversty
  • Generation Z: A Millennial Teacher's Perspective
  • Campfires in Cyberspace: Reversing the Tower of Babel
  • iCEV On-line Curriculum



$350 Stipends were awarded to 10 High School and ROP/C CTE instructors thanks to a grant from the Business Education Leadership Project of the California Dept of Education!

CBEA regrets to announce the passing of Bob Thompson, long-time CBEA member, former CBEA Advocate, and friend to business educators across the West.  

CBEA State President 1968-69

CBEA Advocate 1985-1995

Founder of the Lee Thompson Award

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