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Discover our print publications, including quarterly CBEA Bulletins, press releases, and other Non-CBEA related news here. Each CBEA Bulletin emphasizes our commitment to linking education with industry, by highlighting past conferences, teaching and service award recipients, and other news relating to our work both inside the classroom and the boardroom. Click on any link below to learn how we provide relvant learning expereinces for both educators and businesses alike.

Job Opportunities

New job opportunities have been moved to the Members ONLY portion of this site.

  • CDE Program Consultant Lead Staff position posted on Members ONLY side of this site
  • Regional Pathways Trust Coordinators (August 4) posted on Members ONLY side of this site




Non-CBEA Related Articles/Publications

Awards to CBEA Members from Other Organizations

Leadership Development Institute

California Industry Sector Pathways

If a CTE course gets UC approval, it still needs to be reported as a CTE course. Do NOT let your data entry people for CBEDS report those academic courses, please.

Sectors and Courses

There is some relation also to

Contacts for Business-related Partnership Academies

California Community Colleges

Doing What Matters Framework

  • Ten Sector priorities in each region

Interactive Resources Map

Relevant Sectors to CBEA

CodeHS Web-based Coding Curricula Now Available for All Classrooms

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